My Time 4 Talk offers a mechanism for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions focused upon My Time Has Come Program objectives to inform, enlighten, inspire and motivate the family as a whole and our youth in particular. Commentary is provided on current news items, events and issues related to topics such as art, cultural diversity, family life, parenting, education and social and cultural values.

You are invited to respond to these presentations, as well as offer your own commentary on relevant topics.

About Madona Cole-Lacy, M.A.Ed. Cultural & Social Arts Educator/Facilitator

My Time Has Come is Madona Cole-Lacy’s passionate response to what she perceives as a need for solid cultural and social art-related programs to be made available to children, parents and educators. Ms. Cole-Lacy presents and facilitates art-related multi-cultural and educational programs and workshops which foster appreciation, sensitivity, a sense of self, tolerance to racial, cultural, ethnic and generational issues. These programs are primarily offered in the form of hands-on surface design workshops, motivational workshops and multi-cultural presentations to people of all age groups in venues such as schools, libraries, cultural arts centers, senior centers and museums throughout the United States.

Ms. Cole-Lacy uses the extensive professional experience and skills gained from working with youth in the classroom, at-risk-youth, juvenile delinquents, youth from various ethnic and socio-economic communities, special education and gifted youth population, towards this end.
Madona Cole-Lacy advocates for family court system reform to bring about more sensitive, just and humane treatment for all. She is a champion for the emotional and social well-being of youth and families as they face the ethical challenges of today’s society. Ms. Cole-Lacy is the originator of the free annual Self-Empowering Workshop for College-Bound Students and their Parents on Long Island which she now offers through the not-for-profit organization,Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. which she founded in 2012. (www.yourtime4liny.org)

Other community service activities that she has initiated include Creative Conversations and Artistic Expressions. She is the owner/creative director of a one-of-a kind and limited edition wearable art business. www.madonacoleoriginals.com

Through her Dignity Headwear Collection, Mrs. Cole-Lacy meets the needs of women and girls experiencing hair loss as a result of thinning hair, chemotherapy treatment and alopecia. She also offers free Dignity Enhancement workshops to support groups and potential clients.

Madona Cole-Lacy is available for workshop consultations,  motivational presentations (info@mytimehascome.org) and Dignity Enhancement consultation.  (info@madonacoleoriginals.com) 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. One more rung in your way to fulfilling your passion for social change. You rightly believe that the successful approach is empowering our children and youth to take charge of their world and shoot for the skies. There is always room on top.

    Congratulations sister and brother in law. This is an impressive tool that will undoubtedly put you prominently on the map of human development services providers.

    Kudos and God’s blessings

    Crispin R. Cole

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