Fashion Wednesday – Fitting into Spring

Spring has indeed sprung and with the weather being so kind to us, we cannot be blamed for thinking summer has taken us by surprise. For some, the thought of shedding heavy, baggy clothes makes this an exciting time; while others get into a panic mode. “Which of those gorgeous fashions out there am I going to be able to pull this off…,”  “With this additional weight gain, I am never going to look that good in these clothes”.  “I am never going to fit into the clothes I like, nice clothes are never made in my size.”

To those who are thinking of revving up their engine on “panic mode”, I say STOP for a quick moment and THINK about just how wonderfully made YOU are.  Do not buy into the hype of having to be a certain size or having to look a certain way in order to be labelled attractive by people who don’t always have your best interest at heart in any case.  Please note that this journey begins and ends with you. Your attractiveness is not contingent on how you go about packaging yourself to look like a runway model. It has much to do with you empowering yourself  enough to be able to determine your sense of style; and add garments to your wardrobe which complement your body type and lifestyle. This way, you will enhance your beauty, project confidence, and dress comfortably in an effortless way.

There are tons of fashion choices available to you. But you must first of all make a move towards appreciating your inner and outer beauty. With the onset of Spring, comes anticipation, a breath of fresh air, the sprouting of colorful flowers of all varieties.  You and the millions of others out there are very much a part of the blossoming of a new season.  Just think about how boring our landscape would be without a rich variety of rocks, flowers, shrubs and trees and you will understand just how relevant YOU are to the landscape of humankind. – Madona Cole-Lacy M.A. Ed.-

Madona Cole-Lacy, artist, educator, and director of Madona Cole Originals and My Time Has Come Program, caters to women of all shapes and sizes with her original art work on fine fabrics with which she creates: custom, limited editions and one-of-a kind fashions and accessories. She is the creator of Dignity Headwear for women and girls experiencing hair loss from the side effects of chemotherapy and alopecia. Through My Time Has Come Program, she provides art-related social and cultural awareness programs for schools and community organizations. She also encourages the personal development and empowerment of youth and their families through workshops and her annual self-empowering workshop for college-bound high school students and their parents.         

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