The Empowered: What They Had To Say


“This workshop has taught me a lot. The people here have shed light on things that I have never thought about before”. -9th grade Student-

“I was inspired and touched by the passion the facilitators had for the students and their genuine interest in fully supporting them in making their dreams come true. What a blessing!” -9th grader’s parent-

“All students should be involved in a workshop like this. It was beautiful and educational-a wonderful experience for the kids”. – Volunteer-

“It was so nice to hear experiences and profound advice given to my daughter -this has opened her eyes to college” -11th grader’s parent-

“This program is a dynamic process to bring to life, issues that are crucial to the success of our young adults. I am honored to have been able to participate in this forum.” –Resource Person-


Registration is open for Saturday, April 27th




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