In Praise Of The Collective Dots of Kind-heartedness

Our free self-empowering workshop series for high school students and their parents went without a hitch due to the collaborative spirit and work behind the scenes of some, in an attempt to get others to experience the excitement of our brand of college survival and high school success prep.

We thank our sponsors, volunteers and Resource Persons for believing in us. It was the recruitment process that turned out to be the ultimate eye-opener with lots of extra mural education for the fabric of our lives. Caring people helped us reach out to the audience for whom our carefully packaged gifts had been prepared. Please read on for snippets on the nature of the support we received.

When transportation became an issue, and our efforts to court a local bus company failed, plans were put in place to solve that problem. We want to thank a selfless and good-natured public official who spearheaded such a move.

Some placed our flyer on their websites while others worked at forwarding our emails to people on their contact list. We are grateful for the invitation to an advisory board meeting and a school college fair.

Announcements were made in churches and one pastor made attempts at a collaborative effort by referring us to his youth ministry, a clear indication that he practices what he preaches. We celebrate his supportive spirit and pray that his congregants will forever be “infected” by his spirit of collaboration and kindness.

Our flyers were welcomed at libraries, and information shared on websites including one art organization’s website whose director was interested enough to oblige valuable pointers.

We witnessed leadership at play, when a school superintendent made time to meet with us for a meaningful conversation. What a blessing this leader is to his administrative staff and students!

Thank You Sponsors and Donors (logos)

We are grateful for the graciousness and benevolence of Molly College, for providing workshop space for three years in a row.

When it became necessary to do a second day of programming, an ‘angel volunteer’ picked up the tab – leaving us speechless.

Some sponsors provided nourishment and quenched the thirst of our participants. One provided breakfast and lunch two years in a row, in addition to snacks and space for our meetings. The other provided lunch on two occasions. Our beverage needs were taken care of by another sponsor for the past two years.

What would our goodie bags have looked like without the variety of meaningful items donated by four of our sponsors? A discounted shopping event accompanied by coupons from a sponsor of three years is in the mix.

Some took journal ads and made financial contributions. The media outlets made public service announcements. Promotional materials would have been prohibitive at full cost, without the benevolence of our promotional materials sponsor.

We are grateful as we humbly acknowledge the specialness of our supporters. We are happy to tell the whole wide world about this category of exemplary people whose contributions, kindness and selflessness are the dots that make us declare with confidence, that we are well on our way. Meet the rest of the family

A truly enlightening and empowering experience as we shared the joys of those who were able to deliver, and the disappointments of others who tried to deliver, but were unsuccessful in doing so this time!

Please share with us the praises of the connective dots of kind-heartedness in your life.

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