An Unmatched Act of Kindness

When was the last time you were on the receiving end of what you considered unmatched kindness…when you never in your wildest dreams have seen that coming?  As I ask this question, I do so with the hope that each reader of this post can recall at least one occasion someone did something to express appreciation for them. I have had to settle for making this public announcement about one that I received yesterday since it is impossible for me to bottle and distribute the undiluted warmth and love that accompanied the utter shock and suprise I felt when my Meet the Artist Reception turned into an occasion to honor one Madona Cole-Lacy. 

    I am still working on regaining my balance from this humbling experience. When and how Ms. Vivienne Anderson and Mrs. Sandra Morris-Aarons formed a cohort with my husband, will remain a mystery to me. I cannot thank them enough for expressing appreciation for what comes quite naturally to me. 

I am looking forward to a much needed full body massage. Thank you. The sentiments expressed will serve to boost my spirit whenever I feel myself operating on empty! 

Ms. Vivienne Anderson makes a presentation
Madona Cole-Lacy invited to stand with Ms Vivienne Anderson
Now I see why. One half of it, at least!
A Warm Embrace
Madona Cole-Lacy receiving an award from Mrs. Sandra Morris-Aarons and her daughter, Princess.
what is she up to?
Children take notes from their parents! Touching sentiments engender this look on my face!
It is okay to make grown folks cry for reasons such as this one!

One thing is for sure – the feeling of admiration is totally mutual. I thank you for all you do to keep my creative dots connected. In keeping with my penchant for extracting the lesson of life from all that happens to me, I want to conclude with the following lesson.

Acts of Kindness such as this truly add much needed threads of joy and happiness to the fabric of our often overly-stressed lives. There is joy and happiness in both the genuine giving and humble receiving. Acts of Kindness certainly make the world a better place. I can attest to that as a result of yesterday’s experience.

Stay tuned for more on kindness relationship to the Meet the Artist Reception.

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