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THE PERFECT SOLUTION  –   Madona Cole Originals Dignity Headwear™

 When it comes to addressing the fashion and emotional needs of women and girls experiencing hair-loss due to chemotherapy treatment and alopecia, it is without question that there is a lack of user-friendly, functional and stylish head-coverings that are readily available to meet these needs.  As this underserved segment of our society deals with their medical challenges, the desire to look and feel intact becomes a matter of necessity.  With that in mind, Textile /Fashion Designer and Educator, Madona Cole-Lacy, designed and added the Carolyn Series Turwrap™ and the Rinde´Wrap™ to her Madona Cole Originals Dignity™ Headwear Collection.  The Swarovski  crystal on each Turwrap™ bought for or by someone who is going through chemotherapy  treatment signifies the light that will illuminate the way to victory and the cure for breast cancer.

Madona Cole Originals Dignity™ Headwear are items of wearable art that are designed to bring comfort, flair and dignity to women and girls of all ethnic, social and religious backgrounds.   They are also ideal for hat-lovers who simply want to enhance their wardrobe and for those who need help on ‘bad hair days’.  Since Madona Cole Originals creations are synonymous with quality  lifestyle, there is one to suit everyone’s lifestyle. They range from casual to upscale and from simple elegance to ornate.

“Since every situation is unique, my custom service gives me the opportunity to tailor headpieces to the needs and preferences of my clients. Serious thought goes into each hand-crafted headwear to make it versatile enough to be worn with the ease of a turban/hat or as a head-wrap. My Carolyn Series Turwraps™ and other head-coverings in my collection also come in a wide range of natural fabrics. They are available as one-of-a-kind, custom-made, as well as limited editions. I apply my own original fabric designs so that no two pieces are alike — my way of ensuring that clients never see themselves coming or going as they continue to enjoy their headwear even after treatment”, says the designer.

Through heprograms, Madona Cole-Lacy offers workshops to support groups and community health organizations.  These include free workshops that introduce Madona Cole Originals Dignity™ Collection as a viable solution.  Other workshops, offered for a fee, serve to:   a. boost the self esteem of the participants; b. facilitate hands-on head-wrapping techniques;   c. demonstrate practical ways of making a fashion statement with participants’ own accessories.

Currently, a percentage of the sales from Dignity collection™ is donated to Your Time ForCreative Empowerment, Inc. to defray the cost of conducting free workshops for community youth to create original fabric designs on turwraps™ for children and adolescents who are cancer patients.   Madona Cole Originals Dignity™ accessories are perfect for gift-giving, and are also ideal items for hospital and hotel gift shops,  as well as specialty boutiques.  Madona Cole-Lacy is available for cause-related collaborations and fund-raising events.

Creative Director: Madona Cole-Lacy   

(516) 783-9178

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