Till We Meet Again Mama! Evelyn A. Cole 12/23/1922 – 4/08/2020

In light of the new normal, burial is set for 12:45PM on Tuesday, 5/5/20 at the Pinelawn Cemetery.

“Mama, If I knew you were getting ready to leave me, there is so much I would have said and done with you. Yes, hindsight is 20/20 for sure!

  • I would have braided your hair everyday, ridiculous though that may sound. For I will never forget your expressions of satisfaction each time I did your hair.
  • I would have “fixed” a Scrabble game so that you could “flog” me just in case it was clear that Jim or I would be the winner. I promise, I would. For your gleeful expressions after you had “flogged” us were second to none!
  • I would have made you smile so many more times by asking God to make it possible for me to entertain you by spontaneously bouncing on your bed a lot more times.
  • I would have, again, taken the risk of  preparing you a dish I thought you might have absolutely enjoyed; “knowing” that you would have dismissed it as being not up to par…for after all, you were once “a domestic science teacher who should know what food should look and taste like”. Believe me when I say that would  I would have received that as water off a duck’s back! I would not have been offended that you preferred your bread and rotisserie chicken instead of my culinary delight.
  • I would have joined you one more time as you recited your favorite Psalms which you had asked Jim to read the other day – not because you could not see those bold letters in the book, or because you could not recite them word for word, but because you were on a mission as the ultimate Mother and Teacher, to instill the word of God into the spirits of your grown kids.
  • You might find this hard to believe, but I would have eased up on my role as your “Dr. Pepper” – the one committed to making sure your bonafide primary care physician’s instructions were being followed to the T so that you could live a long and enjoyable life and impart wisdom into the psyche of your grandchildren.


I wrestle with the most hunting “IF” at this time, I can hear your rebuke: “what is wrong with you?” You did your best, I was the medically delicate one who ended up outliving your Father by almost 6 years. You were my “Dr. Pepper,” remember?

Yes Mama, I hear you, and as hard as this is, I promise I will remain consoled by your reminder which thankfully, is just a tip of the iceberg of a most meaningful Adult Daughter – Mother experience from close proximity that God afforded us for over 20 years.

Rest In Peace Mama, even though I know you are not through with us yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if you and Papa along with Christian Jr. have already petitioned God for healing mercies for my other half, and your Son-In-Love, Jim. We will miss you as we attempt to recognize Papa’s 6th year in heaven today. Please give him a big hug for us.

I will sign off for now with your most favorite ‘anthem’ which we will continue to sing every first Sunday as has been the practice for years now. Except that is time it will be sung in your honor and memory. Needless to say, the lyrics mean much to us now.

“‘TIS SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUS” on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-DdgkvnsHjM

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