Valentine’s Day 2023

On this day, I want to take time out to acknowledge surviving spouses and significant others experiencing the downside of the unconditional love they once shared with the love of their lives.

When we locked hearts with our dearly departed, there was no room for pain amid mutual respect and oneness. It is therefore not unreasonable to say that concept was absent from our list of expectations.

How then do we handle ourselves on Valentine’s Day?

As one who believes in dealing with adversity head on, I would advise that we do all in our power to embrace our reality. One way we can accomplish this is to grant ourselves permission to celebrate memories of the wonderful moments we shared. This will ultimately serve as a tool of empowerment that is readily available to us.

One of such memories for me is the “Be My Valentine” song my other-half composed and performed for me as he navigated the disabling symptoms of chemotherapy. His reluctance to succumb to frailty was quite admirable! It is for this reason the lyrics to Be My Valentine are as comforting as thoughts of his determination are empowering for me.

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