My Time Has Come To Say ‘Well Done’

My Time Has Come to say ‘Well done!’ to all those mothers and fathers who have worked tirelessly to secure a decent future for their children. As our children leave for their various college destinations, we pray that God will guide and protect them and that all that is good that we have poured into their lives over the years, will kick in as they begin to make decisions of their own along the way to young adulthood. 

Making this journey possible for our children may not have been that easy for some of us; and I can cite countless reasons for that…but will refrain, since the purpose of this heartfelt expression is to acknowledge and commend those who rose above the obstacles, trials and tribulations to get their children to an institution of higher learning as a matter of parental duty. Parents who have made the necessary sacrifice to ensure that their children get a good college education will reap the blessing someday as their grandchildren become the recepients of the same values that their children embraced from them so many moons ago!                 

I salute you, my sisters and brothers – stay empowered!

I know that given the current state of affairs of the socio-economic and family dynamics, this ultimate sacrifice is not one that some people believe they must make. For those of you who did, I thank you, your children thank you, society thanks you and believe it or not, the day will come when you will thank you!

Madona Cole-Lacy

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