It is all about our children: they don’t get to pick their parents


My response:

It will take a good village to raise these perplexed and courageous kids.  The support of family, school, neighbors, friends, community organizations and well-wishers would have to step up to the plate and support these children. God always looks out for his little angels
and speaks to the hearts of his big ones too!

This is yet another instance of how the problems and decisions of grown-ups can impact the lives of children tremendously.  According to initial report, I gather that “no one saw this coming”. My comment to that is , the couple did, their children did, and those very close to them did! 

Is it that we as a society still have a long way to go in engendering swift action and response for our own people when it comes to the matters of the ‘heart and mind’?

There is no shame in seeking help when you find yourself in a tight moral and emotional spot. Do not worry about what people will think of you. Our children need us, for reasons too many to list here. I believe we get the picture.Organizational help and commu- nunity outreach must by now, in this 21st Century, be easily accessible in all communities .

Finally, let us not underestimate our own role and strength in making our respective communities healthier for all; particularly our children who after all, did not get to pick their parents.

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