It is a refreshing feeling, when…

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy
It’s not about the fancy gifts
It’s for the weary souls it lifts
It’s not about a sweet cliche
It’s for the phrase that we should say
On each and every passing day
In hopes that it might sometime stay
within her mind, she’ll know in kind
to have a restful Mother’s Day

My mother held her daughter’s hand
and lo, she held it tight
but when the time arose to fly
she watched me soar in flight
I hope that she’ll remember me
with smiles and never tears
I hope she knows that I do hear
her voice between my ears

I hope that I’ll know better than
to wait until this day
the second sunny Sunday
in the merry month of May
t’express the things I always feel
Express them loud, with pride
Because these thoughts are always here,
Just usually inside

I promise I will do my best
to be more vocal, too
so you will know, the world will know
Just how much I love you. ^_^

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! I love you very much!

Copyright 2012 Madona Ayorinde’

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