A Reason To Be Thankful

As it is already Thanksgiving Day, and that there are accompanying practices which must be prepared for, I will have to get by with a little help from the lyrics of Every Day Is Thanksgiving written by Leonard Burks and recorded by GMWA Mass Choir.

Yes, I am one who strongly believes that every day is a day of thanksgiving. How can I not possibly give thanks for the opportunity to grow from the daily shots of life’s sometimes poignant lessons? This is where my heartfelt gratitude goes to the God that I serve first and foremost, and to all the ‘characters’ in the story of my life.

I thank God for you and for choosing you as an instrument of self-development and consciousness into my life. I thank you for the role you have played in my life; be it on a personal level, or through the professional channel of My Time Has Come or Madona Cole Originals.

As you assemble with your loved ones today to celebrate and observe Thanksgiving 2012, do remember to be thankful even for those you believe; ‘do not like me,’ ‘will throw a monkey wrench in my works,’ ‘cannot stand to see me succeed’– for they are your true blessings! This represents an opportunity for your very own, on-the job-training.       Use it wisely to enhance your personal development. Handle with care, grace and compassion!



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