When “Thank You” is Simply Not Enough

My sincere thanks to all who arranged their busy schedules to attend the Connecting the Dots of Creativity Meet the Artist Reception at the Farmingdale Library Art Gallery. While the exhibition is available for viewing until September 30, 2016, it was important to me that I made myself available for questions about what drives me to create my brand of art. It was indeed a pleasure to be able to engage interested art lovers and well-wishers that I was meeting for the first time, connect with friends and patrons of Madona Cole Originals and, last but not least, enjoy the afternoon with nuclear and extended family members–all of whom are integral to my dot-connecting abilities. A ton of gratitude goes out to my son and daughter, Samuel Rotimi of http://www.sambranchdesigns.com and Madona Ayorinde for their role as volunteer photographers. They made me a happy and proud mother on that day! Thank you is also in order to Tim Baker of Silver Wings Photography for the lovely shots he took.

Please view the video in this post for more memorable moments. It is at this point that I express disappointment at the fact that the likeness of everyone present was not captured. We promise to get it right someday!

The spirit of pure love and kindness was not unlike that which came with the suprise presentation that added to the excitement of the day!

The Suprise!

I thank everyone who joined forces with me to make the time well-spent.
I will be remiss if I did not acknowledge the kindness of the staff of the Farmingdale Library — what a pleasant group of people who obviously love what they do! I have nothing but positive comments to make about the gracious way that this demanding guest artist was handled. I am told that the library has received countless feedbacks from patrons of the library about this exhibit which is described as being unlike anything that has been displayed there in the past.

As if the surprise presentations that I never saw coming were not enough, I also walked away with a refreshing feeling and deesp appreciation for my guests who, in a flash, worked collectively to dismantle the refeshment tables….thus making me look ‘super good’ in the eyes of the library that expected us to be out by closing time! I am most thankful for that. Thank You is also in order to everyone who has been to see the exhibit. Your feedback has done much to elevate my spirit and keep me energized.

To further connect the Dots of Creativity, plans have been made to recognize The Americans For The Arts National Arts & Humanities Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with a Show * Tell * Sell Event featuring deep discounts on one-of-kind headwear for hair-loss, cruise wear, accessories, wall art; and community service opportunities for Long Island youths. Art lovers, educators, parents, and community members, who would want an up-close and personal view and perhaps consider purchasing a Madona Cole Originals one-of-kind wearable art, will have an opportunity to do so on Saturday, October 8, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM the Garden City Hampton Inn.

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