Celebrating You Mama: Your 2nd Anniversary in Heaven

Mrs. Evelyn A. Cole 12/23/1922-4/08/2020

My dearest Mama,

On this, your 2nd anniversary in heaven, the least I can do, is to acknowledge the legacy of your loving and kind spirit. For I know the lessons you taught me will never escape my consciousness, particularly now that you have completed your earthly journey as a “good and faithful servant”. It will not surprise you to learn that I now understand what your special prayers, which occasionally had me ‘puzzled’, were all about. Now I know you were preparing me for life after 2020!

I cannot help but celebrate “the goodness of God,” as I stare at the blossoms of the magnolia tree in the backyard. Let me share with you what my curiosity to find out what Magnolia blossoms symbolize last night revealed. “The flower is associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love of nature. Magnolias are often used in floral arrangements such as wedding bouquets to represent the purity and dignity of the bride………” Google.com

Little did I know it would read like a true character sketch of you, my dear Mama – Nobility, perseverance, dignity, purity, love of nature, and might I add; gracefulness, compassion ..and more.

Thank you for highlighting the goodness of God as often as you did in response to nature, art and creativity in your surroundings during our frequent trips around the neighborhood. For this is one concept that continues to be manifested in ways beyond my imagination. I love you and miss you, Mama. Thank you for being the best mother your children could ever wish for.

Your daughter,

Madona Catherine

2 responses to “Celebrating You Mama: Your 2nd Anniversary in Heaven”

  1. Beautiful celebration of Mama! May she continue to rest in perfect peace. Wonderful mom, wonderful daughter!


  2. “May she rest in perfect peace “” Amen.!

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