A Grateful Daughter Celebrates Her Father


Christian Robert Abioseh Cole 09/02/1918 – 05/02/2014

My Dearest Papa
I thank you again for all you did in partnership with Mama to rear your children the best way you knew how. Thank you is also in order for being an inspiration to my children. You were an exceptional grandpa who left them wondering why grandpa had to teach them so many ways to solve each math problem. Rest assured that they saw the benefits of that drill and the knowledge you imparted to them as time went on.

I am thankful to God for giving you the ability to model the essence of humanitarianism for me. This undoubtedly has been a driving force for me throughout my life.

Thank you for demonstrating that sex-role stereotypes do not run rampant in every African household. Nothing impeded you from interacting with us in meaningful and now memorable ways. I remember you playing the organ while you and Mama sang your favorite songs, the poems you recited, and the “negro spiritual” sing along sessions we had! You had high expectations for our academic performance and were most supportive of Mama, as an actively involved father who ensured that we were giving it our all.

I will see to it that your impressive legacy in the Adult Education field, along with your numerous signature “Activity Cole” humanitarian efforts are paid forward in my own creative way, by God’s grace.

Rest In Perfect Peace, Papa!

…And yes, I am so glad you were around to walk me down the aisle as the love of my life who turned out to be your son-in-love, serenaded me.

As I sign off for now, I do so with a promise to use every opportunity I get and create to make you proud of me.

Your grateful daughter, Madona Catherine

4 responses to “A Grateful Daughter Celebrates Her Father”

  1. Allen & Delores Williams Avatar
    Allen & Delores Williams

    That’s a very beautiful and sincere tribute to your Dad Madona. We’re sure he’s very pleased that you appreciate the legacy he left you, your siblings and your children.


    1. Thank you, Allen & Delores, for this assurance. I firmly believe that the least adult children can do is embrace the nurturing values of their parents and pay them forward in time.


  2. Kim Obasohan Avatar
    Kim Obasohan

    Thank you for those beautiful sentiments of your father and thank you for reminding me to give my father his flowers while he can hold them.


  3. Irene Taylor Avatar
    Irene Taylor

    “May he rest in perfect peace – 🙏 “

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